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The Etty Hillesum Youth Theater- Mira Awad

The Etty Hillesum Israeli Youth Theatre is a unique and unprecedented project, founded by Gal Hurvitz, theater director working in Israel, Paris and Poland on the basis of Israeli-French cooperation with the municipality of Tel-Aviv. Through this project, teenagers who are growing up in an environment which often doesn't allow for the pursuit of dreams and activities are given the opportunity to fulfill a dream and experience all aspects of theater. Theater has always been a tool for self-expression, confidence, integration in society, social dialog, empathy towards others, dealing with conflicts and emotions, listening and teamwork. We decided to shape this center in Etty Hillesum's spirit, to make it into a theater and a melting pot for Israeli society, which is based on dialog, understanding, beauty and art. Social values are embodied in the arts of theater and allow young people to collaborate, meet the best talents in the field and find passion, interest and commitment in their afternoon hours. Etty Hillesum Etty Hillesum was a 27 year old woman who lived during the Nazi occupation of Holland. She wrote a diary that was published 40 years after she perished in Auschwitz. At the heart of her diary lies the idea of human compassion and need for art and beauty to withstand the many obstacles we all face. With the use of her art and writing, Etty HIllsum was able to face the infinite and horrific hardship forced upon her by the Nazis. With the use of dialog, compassion to others, faith in the goodness at heart and the greatness of the human spirit precisely at the terrible times of war she was able to change her world and ease the suffering of others. We thank I24news: Journalist : Daniel Campos Camera: Naseeb Safadi Video Editor: Emmanuel Gandelman

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